A History of the Baptists

In Two Volumes

By John T. Christian, A.M., D.D., L.L.D.

$30.00 (Hardback - two volumes)

In every generation, certain stellar warriors stand out from the mass of men who entered the fray. They are rare in their insights and special in their willingness to stand. Such bravery is almost always costly and frequently unappreciated. John Tyler Christian (1854-1925), was one such stellar warrior whose writings pierced the armor of many an adversary of New Testament principles and Baptist antiquity. One of Christian’s finest achievements was his two volume work entitled, A History of the Baptists. In the preface to this history, Christian states, “Truth has nothing to fear from the light;” a statement of notable significance when one considers the nature of Christian’s theological, historical position concerning the church. He writes in volume I...

“The wonder, however, is not that there were variations in these diverse conditions, but that there could be any homogeneity or unity. Through all of the variations, however, there has been an insistence upon some great fundamental truths. There has ever appeared the vital necessity of a regenerated life; a church pure and separate from the ungodly; believer’s baptism; a simple form of church government; the right of free speech and soul liberty; and the permanent and paramount authority of the New Testament. Whatever may have been the variations in any or all of these parties, on the above or kindred subjects, the voice of the Baptists has rung out clear and distinct.”

John T. Christian has been described by one who knew him as a “patient scholar and gracious Christian gentleman.” This wonderful work reflects as much. Every committed student of Baptist history that I know well, heartily recommends the work of John T. Christian. No library is complete without these volumes.

Dolton W. Robertson II, Co-Editor, Ancient Baptist Press