He Opened the Book

He Opened the Book... He Closed the Book

Jesus, Isaiah, and the Panoramic View of the Bible

By Dr. Michael D. Scott

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Long before the King James Bible was ever printed, God chose to reveal the exact number and order of its books through the prophet Isaiah. This book carefully outlines the numerous parallels between each chapter of Isaiah and its corresponding book of the Bible. It will prove to be an invaluable resource for demonstrating the unsurpassed continuity of the Scirptures.

For the Bible-believer, there is no limit to the discoverable treasure in the King James Bible. Michael Scott has mined gem after gem from the deep soil of God's Word. These delightful and amazing discoveries surpass all potential for coincidence or contrivance. Enjoy!
Dolton W. Robertson II, Co-Editor, Ancient Baptist Press
Michael Scott has done a masterful job of demonstrating the supernatural nature of the King James Bible. He identifies parallels between the book of Isaiah and the rest of the Bible that can only be the handiwork of God Almighty. This book will see regular use in my study.
James Alter, Co-Editor, Ancient Baptist Press