Baptist History Paintings

As With Roses

As With Roses

The Beating of Obadiah Holmes

By Don Adair

Commissioned by the Baptist History Preservation Society

Currently Unvavailable

The 2004 painting As With Roses is the first in a series presenting various scenes in Baptist History. In 1651, Obadiah Holmes accompanied John Clarke and John Crandall to Lynn, MA., to worship in the home of William Witter. While Clarke preached, the three were arrested and charged with “Seducing and drawing aside others after their erroneous judgment and practices.” Refusing to accept the payment of his fine from a friend, Holmes was led to the post in Boston and given thirty lashes with a three-corded whip, the executioner using all his strength. When he was released from the post, he said to the magistrates, “Ye have beaten me as with roses.” The original oil painting is currently on display at Providence Baptist College in Elgin, Illinois.

Prints available are part of a limited edition of 750 with 50 artist proofs. All prints are signed and numbered. The image size is 18″ x 30″. Each print comes with a historical sketch of the event depicted and a certificate of authenticity. Scene painted by nationally known artist, Don Adair, of Richardson, Texas.