Baptist History Paintings

From This Sion

From This Sion

Shubal Stearns and the Sandy Creek Baptist Church

By Don Adair

Commissioned by the Baptist History Preservation Society

Currently Unvailable

From This Sion was completed in 2005. Depicted is the constituting service of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, November 22, 1755. Shown preaching is Shubal Stearns. Stearns was converted under the ministry of George Whitefield, and after careful study of the scriptures, was convinced of Baptist principles. In 1751, he was baptized by Wait Palmer, and then ordained to the gospel ministry three years later. Having received news from North Carolina that, “preaching was greatly desired by the people of that country and in some instances they rode forty miles to hear one sermon,” he responded to the call. He arrived in Orange County, North Carolina in November of 1755, where he formally constituted the Sandy Creek Baptist Church. In two years the church grew from 16 to over 600 members. Today, over 5,000 churches can trace their heritage back to Sandy Creek Baptist Church.

Prints available are part of a limited edition of 2000 with 50 artist proofs. All prints are signed and numbered. The image size is 18″ x 30″. Each print comes with a historical sketch and a certificate of authenticity. Scene painted by nationally known artist, Don Adair.